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Moving Day

It felt unreal, packing up all her things like this. She came across so many trinkets, cards, photographs, and little notes scribbled with text from her time back at the university. Some of those memories took her back to when her life was simpler but felt as difficult then as it did now. She had come a long way from who she was. And yet she hadn't.

There was lots of chatter from the other rooms. Her sister's friends were helping with the packing and the distraction made it easier to focus on the task at hand, to not get lost in her head, but, at the same time, she felt like she should have had the space to reflect. This was a significant event, after all.

And finally, they were done. Her room was empty, her home was empty, and the boxes were all shipped off. The echoes were there, once more, the only thing that filled the void. She remembered hearing them the first time she moved in - when she was only four years old and it was only fitting that they bid her goodbye, she supposed. Now the lights were off, the locks were on and things would no longer be like they were and that was okay. All things in this life are there to serve a purpose and her home had done that. And so, with a thankful heart she made her peace with it and bid her farewell. They drove off, into the night knowing that tomorrow would be the start of something new. It was time to look forward to the next chapter up ahead.