aaron gayah

just a personal photo blog and journal.


It didn't occur to her to update her resume before now. It was a random request for guidance that prompted her to look at her own, and she found it to be ever-so-dated. She took such pride in that once upon a time, and now it was merely a by-the-way document to update on the rare occasion she remembered. And she reviewed it and it's all correct and all, a list of accomplishments, projects, and notable points. and that's it. Her life was a simple routine incurring incremental improvements every few months.

Just yesterday she shared her thoughts with a friend, that this life should be spent making a worthwhile contribution, and that experiences past and present should be leveraged to do that. But that was yesterday and today she thinks...the same...but different. Maybe destiny isn't a static concept, but one that is redefined along the way, one that becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy. Cause and effect it's called and suddenly you're the higher power that you once believed existed outside of yourself, with successes and failures randomly dictated by the ongoing chaos everywhere. Deliberate action is necessary but few realize that same is shaped by the once-conscious-now-subconscious musings underlying one's very being.

So what now? Decisions big and small, none insignificant. The time was yesterday, yestermonth, yesteryear and now it's now. With a heavy heart, eyes closed, sinking feelings, confused thoughts, and a weary soul, she’s barely holding it all together. But this time will pass, these things will change, and so should she. And so she did.