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For All Time

"Jumping is all that matters. If I didn't jump, I would drink and have sex all the time."

(awkward pause) "Hey! congratulations on your medal."

"I win gold but i didn't do my best. See if I'd done my best, I could come last and be happier."

(proudly) "Like me."

"You do not do good."

(pondering, disappointment) "No, I suppose not."

(matter-of-factly) "You've done better."

(sarcastic) "Yea..."

(reassuring) "You think i'm being patronizing? No no no. You and I, you and I are like one o' clock and eleven o' clock you see we are closer to each other than to others. Winning and losing, all that stuff is for the little people. Men like us, we jump to free our souls. We are the only two jumpers with a chance to make history today. If we do less than our best with the whole world watching...it would kill us inside...for all time.

- conversation between Eddie and Matti (Eddie the Eagle)